Dom Rickard

Although born in London I moved to Chipping Norton when I was 7. I went to Holy Trinity and CNS before departing to university. Growing up in Chippy was in many ways idyllic. I played a lot of sport and miss the squash and football club particularly. Facilities like these are so important to the lives and livelihoods of many within the town and the loss of such places will always be to the detriment of the community. These losses without adequate replacement were things I wanted to prevent reoccurring when  becoming a councillor.

After living in various parts of London and latterly Romsey in Hampshire (a town in many ways similar to Chippy) I returned 13 years ago with my wife and 2 sons. My daughter arrived a few years later the first Rickard to be born in the locality. All three went / are going to Holy trinity and CNS so things have come full circle.

I am an accountant by trade though over time have moved away from statutory accounts and the like, working in financial systems (between IT and finance) for a large US retail company. Since covid I primarily work from home and feel very lucky to have the town so close and the countryside likewise. There is nothing better than a lunchtime walking over the fields for a coffee in town and bumping into a few familiar faces.

Chippy has always been home to me and am very proud and protective of it. Much of that is down to the community and the people who live here. Whilst people change over time the community in a post covid world is still fantastic and hugely important to all of us as.

One of my primary reasons for Joining the council was to become involved and support this vibrant and welcoming community. As a council I think there is much we can do to sustain and build upon what underpins this within the town. From the environment, the look and feel of the amenities, ensuring our clubs are supported, and that there are opportunities to learn. I want us to continually encourage inclusivity and work closely with the townsfolk we serve to  ensure the market, shops, pubs, clubs and groups can thrive in what are challenging times.

17 April 2023
Last Updated
25 March 2024