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Which Council Does What?

There are three Councils serving the area – Oxfordshire County Council, West Oxfordshire District Council and Chipping Norton Town Council.

Each Council provides different services.

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Chipping Norton Town Council has specific responsibility for the following:

Chipping Norton Town Hall​

The William Fowler Allotments (as Corporate Trustee)

Recreation Facilities:

  • Cotswold Gate
  • Cotswold Crescent
  • New Street play
  • Cornish Road

Grants to voluntary bodies

Christmas Lights​​

War Memorial

Worcester Road Cemetery

Closed Churchyard at St Mary’s Church

Greystones Recreation Ground

Pool Meadow  

West Oxfordshire District Council is responsible for the following:

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for the following:

Ways to report or apply:

Ways to report or apply:

Highways, transport and parking issues:


Licensing and events


Fly Tipping


21 March 2022
Last Updated
29 March 2022