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Price List

(There is a minimum charge for one hour regardless of which part of the building is used)

Other Charges and Information:

  1. Half hourly bookings will be accepted, but the minimum charge will apply (1 hour)
  2. The hire charge will commence from the time the hirer/staff/equipment arrive at the Town Hall and continues until the hirer vacates the building. Any overstay will be charged and could also affect any future bookings of the Town Hall. You MUST include your setting up and clear out time in the booking.
  3. Hire of the Town Hall on Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve will be subject to special consideration by the Council
  4. Council may grant, at its discretion, discounts to encourage booking of particular community benefit and to encourage use of the Town Hall by town businesses. Please see the grant application process for financial support for your event at https://www.chippingnorton-tc.gov.uk/community-services/grants/
  5. All charges are inclusive of VAT at 20%
  6. We do not offer a ‘penciled in’ or provisional booking system. Once your booking form has been sent to us, it will be confirmed in the calendar and you will be able to cancel up to 72 hours before the bookings takes place with no charge.

27 May 2021
Last Updated
22 March 2024