Michael Rowe

I am by far the most recent resident to join the Town Council having only moved here with my wife in October 2022. We moved to more appropriate housing, much nearer family, as my wife was severely disabled and I have some disabilities. That has given me a particular interest in trying to improve life and access for those with physical or mental health problems. We were most surprised by how quickly we settled in and found many new friends, which seems a common experience. Local people have also been most helpful. That greatly encouraged me to quickly become deeply involved with local social organisations and, as a nearly life-long ecumenist, with Churches generally and as a Methodist Church Council member. I was honoured to join the Town Council, who – regardless of political affiliation – all belong because of their love for Chippy. My first venture into any form of politics.
I am myself a retired Charted Electrical Engineer, mainly involved in industrial control and monitoring systems over a very wide range of industries but also as a hobby blacksmith, demonstrating in museums. I am very interested in encouraging youngsters into both the Engineering Professions as well as into skilled crafts. My own training as a Student Apprentice initiated me into a wide range of skilled crafts as well as encountering a wide range of people well beyond my usual contacts. My wife and I lived in very rural France for 12 years and have a son, daughter and 6 granddaughters, most of whom are already or on the road to becoming professionally engaged.
24 April 2023
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25 March 2024