Mike Cahill

During my four years as a District Councillor, I valued  working with members of the Town Council, so I am very pleased to be able to continue to do so.

My motivation continues to be summed up in the words:

TOGETHER let’s make Chippy and even better place to live for everyone!

The ‘everyone’ is key, that’s why some of us have continued the work of checking that people are ok that we started during lockdown and upped a gear as the Cost of Living Crisis started to bite. Supporting the community hub that is Chippy Larder is a very important aspect of this.

Supporting retailers, alongside long-time friend and now fellow councillor Sharon Wheaton, is essential if we want a vibrant and welcoming Town Centre.

As a long time climate activist I want us to do everything we can to persuade others, by our example as a Council as well as individuals, that we can contribute to improving the situation.

As a former keen cyclist and walker (now reduced to a brisk limp!) I am glad to support initiatives that promote out town as a safe cycling and walking centre.

Others have described me as recognisable, approachable, a listener and a doer – I hope to continue to merit all of these!

27 May 2021
Last Updated
25 March 2024