Tom Festa

In June 2023 I became a Chipping Norton councillor. Having lived in Chippy for nearly 30 years where I, together with my wife, brought up 2 daughters who went to our local schools. I feel motivated to play a larger role in our community to continue making Chippy a great place to live, work and visit.

My profession, now as a Chartered IMechE Fellow Engineer, led me into the automotive industry. I have worked in numerous countries where I became increasingly aware of the sustainability challenges that we all face. I continue to be involved in the industries that are embracing transformation to zero emissions cars and net-zero manufacturing.  I now also lecture part-time locally at Oxford Brookes on Engineering Management, Ethics and Sustainability.

This has given me insights to some of the issues that we, as a town, face when trying to move towards a more sustainable future and more importantly, how we in our local council can take steps to help accomplish it. I also very much appreciate that this must be done whilst increasing local wellbeing and prosperity.

As a keen cyclist, one of my first actions as a councillor was to start the Chipping Norton Cycling Action group for which I’m receiving great and enthusiastic support. Various local surveys and feedback in Chippy have shown that safety (followed by our hills) to be the main issues that prevent more people using cycling as a mode of transport for pleasure, commuting and popping down to the local shop or cafe.

As a vision it would be great to make cycling safer, easier, a more viable and enjoyable option for everyone in Chippy and our surrounding country side. Steps already taken such as the expanded 20mph zone is already helping.

Research continues to show that cycling improves both our physical and mental wellbeing.

In general, I enjoy getting things done particularly with help and collaboration from the residents and organisations of Chippy who have expertise, know-how and talents that can be brought to bear.

See you around town

21 June 2023
Last Updated
14 May 2024