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Flag flying: The RAF Ensign (21 August 24)

10:00 am 21 August 2024
11:59 pm 21 August 2024
21st August - In Commemoration: The RAF Ensign

Each year on  21st August, the RAF Ensign will fly from the flagpole at the Millennium Garden to commemorate the air crash that took place over Chipping Norton on 21st August 1942. The crash involved two RAF planes that were on training flights, and tragically all the crew were killed. One of the planes crashed into what is now Heather Cottage on Church Street, but miraculously there were no civilian casualties.
The flag is flown in to commemorate the bravery of all those who work for the RAF - past, present and future.
15 March 2024
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15 March 2024
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