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Flying the Flag for Chipping Norton

Deputy Mayor Cllr Sandra Coleman with the new flagpole at The Millennium Garden

The mechanism on the flagpole on top of Chipping Norton Town Hall has been broken for some time, meaning that it has not been possible to safely replace or move the flag. The Council hope to replace the flagpole with a new one, however the building has listed status and the planning authority have confirmed that the Council will need to submit a planning application, and that obtaining a design that will be permitted may be a complex process before planning permission could be granted.  

In the meantime the Council have resolved to employ a contractor to access the roof and lay the flagpole flat. They have also installed a new 6m flagpole in the Millennium Garden to ensure that the Town has the flag flying during the Jubilee celebrations and beyond. This new flagpole will remain in place while the Council work through the process of obtaining and submitting designs for a flagpole to fly from the Town Hall once again.

Deputy Mayor and Chair of Community Committee Cllr Sandra Coleman says

“I am very pleased that we have been able find a way to continue to fly our National flag whilst the flag pole on the Town Hall is out of action. This is especially fitting in this jubilee year. We will also continue the process of bench restoration and replacement so people can sit and enjoy the garden.”

20 April 2022
Last Updated
12 October 2023
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