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The Mayor’s Latest News

This will be last Mayor’s blog until after the election.

There have been some developments with some of our ‘projects’ since Christmas – and a lot of them have happened this week

– WODC granted planning permission for the development ‘South and East’ of Walterbush Road with various comments from District Councillors that it was good to see an application that had been discussed/massaged and eventually agreed between the Town (after consultations), the Football Club, the Town Council, the District Council and even with County Council as well leading to what was described as one of the best looking developments (on paper) that they have seen in the last years. This development will bring positive financial help to the Town.

– Work has started on Walterbush Road at long last – this was due to concerted pressure from Town Council, District and our County Councillor to ensure this road is rebuilt

– The new railings we have been trying to source for the lower car park by Sainsburys have been sourced and ordered and will come in under budget – this will smarten that area of town up considerably

– We are removing some of the rotten planters around Jaffe and Neale etc and will replace them once we know what is happening elsewhere – any local companies / organisations like to sponsor them

– We are very close to finalising the contract to completely professionally restore and repaint all the equipment in New Street and Cotswold Crescent Recreation grounds – and at the same time there will be some new outside ‘gym equipment’ place in New Street Recreation which has come from money from the developers at Penhurst.

– The refurbishment of the Guildhall (paid for and arranged by WODC) is nearly completed and the building is now a credit to Chippy rather than the eyesore it was rapidly becoming.

– The Beechcroft side of the Penhurst developments is going forward quickly – I am sure that my neighbours will be extremely pleased when the heavy earthmoving equipment etc has been removed from site – very noisy!

– The Vets have moved into their new building which looks extremely smart and the Doctors move at the end of March

– And we were told this week that OCC will be repainting the white lines in Topside Car park on Tuesday 31st March 2015 commencing very early in the morning so there will be no car parking available overnight Monday the 30th March 2015 but all should be back to normal late afternoon.

All in all positive developments for our slowly developing town.

Some of the above i.e. railings/refurb of recreation equipment etc are being paid for, in part, by the small increase in the precept which the entire town council reluctantly voted through earlier this year – we don’t like increasing the precept but if the Town wants improvements to the Town then the money has to come from somewhere.

Dates for the new future – don’t forget the Towns Fundraising Ball on April 18th where we are raising funds toward the Skate park and on April 22nd there will be the Town AGM which is your opportunity to question / challenge and thank (whichever you feel is applicable) your entire Town Council – and this only happens once a year !

Enjoy the Spring when it comes – and if the photo of myself acting the fool for Red Nose Day (some would say ‘no change threaten’) makes you laugh/cry/cringe etc then please donate through any avenue possible to Children In Need – I was persuaded to pose by my children and grandchildren after other Mayors had made similar fools of themselves around the country – all in a great cause.

Cllr Mike Tysoe



9 March 2015
Last Updated
12 October 2023
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