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Skatepark Consultation

Exciting New Skatepark for Chipping Norton: A Community-Centric Design

The Chipping Norton Skatepark project has officially moved into the next phase of planning, marking an exciting milestone for the local community. The Council is pleased to announce that Maverick Skateparks have been selected as the preferred contractor, having achieved top marks in the tender analysis.

Maverick Skateparks are renowned for their innovative and community-focused designs, bringing years of experience and a strong track record in creating exceptional skateparks across the UK. Their commitment to quality and understanding of the skateboarding culture makes them an ideal partner for this project

Site and Design Overview

Thoughtful Integration with Existing Landscape

The proposed skatepark design takes careful consideration of the site’s existing topography and features. An informal footpath that runs between the facility and the existing play area will be maintained, ensuring easy access. Additionally, the use of grass bunding integrates the skatepark seamlessly into the landscape, rising and falling with the slopes to improve aesthetics and eliminate the need for handrails.

Maximised Space Utilisation

The design maximises the available space, creating a facility that caters to all levels of riders. It’s divided into three distinct zones—The Hipped Miniramps, The Box/Driveway Combo, and The Ledge Setup. Each zone can function independently when the park is busy or interconnect when the park is quieter, providing a versatile and safe environment for all users.

Detailed Features

The Hipped Miniramps

Inspired by local feedback and site visits, the hipped miniramps form the backbone of the new skatepark. These multi-level ramps feature waterfall drops that follow the natural land levels. Opposing coping sections allow for long grinds and lip tricks, while 90-degree bowled corners enable riders to generate speed and flow. The design also includes offset hips for aerial manoeuvres and varying heights to cater to both novice and experienced riders.

The Box/Driveway Combo

Located in the lower half of the skatepark, the Box/Driveway Combo offers a dynamic and challenging area. A large 1800mm quarterpipe provides a perfect entry into the jumpbox, which is designed for both aerial manoeuvres and technical tricks. The setup includes a superwide driveway and hubba ledge, usable in both directions, and an additional roll-on ledge for more advanced tricks.

The Ledge Setup

At the entrance, the skatepark opens into a spacious triangular street area dominated by a large grindledge planter. This area is ideal for street skaters looking to perform technical tricks or use the grindledge as a manual pad. The design also features a curved ledge that doubles as a secondary ledge, and ample negative space perfect for a ‘Game of Skate’.

Community Feedback

Maverick Skateparks and Chipping Norton Town Council are committed to ensuring that the new skatepark meets the needs and preferences of the local community. Riders are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed design elements through a short survey. Key questions include the importance of different features, thoughts on the miniramps and box/driveway combo, and suggestions for additional features or changes.

To address any concerns or questions from residents, Maverick Skateparks and Chipping Norton Town Council will be facilitating a meeting once there is a clearer idea of the final design following this consultation. This meeting will provide a platform for residents to voice their opinions, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the project. The goal is to ensure that the skatepark project is transparent and inclusive, addressing any community concerns proactively.

The new skatepark at Chipping Norton Recreation Ground promises to be a versatile and engaging facility for riders of all skill levels. By incorporating community feedback into the design process, Maverick Skateparks aims to create a space that is not only functional and challenging but also aesthetically pleasing and well-integrated with the existing landscape. Local riders are urged to participate in the survey to help shape a skatepark that truly reflects their needs and aspirations.

The design consultation is open until 31st August 2024. Please take the time to complete here:

9 July 2024
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11 July 2024