We have had some problems with this blog especially when it comes to accessibility from tablets – we hope that those problems are behind us but if you should have any comments about how we can make this website better then please feel free to suggest same to the Town Clerk – we are constantly tweaking the system and hope that it is becoming more interesting and more user-friendly.

Autumn is with us and the nights are getting longer – the first real indication of this (after the clocks go back) I always think is Remembrance Sunday – we had a fantastic turnout again last Sunday in the Town with the Church packed to nearly maximum capacity with great representation from RAF Brize Norton / the various cadet forces and the scouts and brownies (of all ages) from Town – two great bands – and of course the veterans – all being orchestrated and pushed into place by various representatives of the Royal British Legion to whom go many thanks for a great event.


By now I would hope that most houses in Chippy know that this park is NOT repeat NOT a fait accompli – we have approached CN School/St Mary’s School and Holy Trinity School with a questionnaire about whether we spend the money on a skate park or not – out of approx 1250 questionnaires which have hopefully been sent out from schools (excluding Chippy News, Facebook and other media) we have received back about 20 replies.
One of the questions was should we have another public meeting on the 18th November – we have decided that due to lack of interest this meeting will NOT be held. If we get more replies this side of Christmas then we will have another meeting in the New Year.


During the next week or so you should all receive a leaflet from the Hospital Action Group (HAGS) which is self-explanatory but I know that HAGS would much appreciate you taking some time to fill the questionnaire in and return using the various boxes in town.

You will also note that HAGS are holding another public meeting in St Mary’s Church on Thursday 3rd December at 1900 hrs. It is hoped that this will be better attended by the Town and surrounding areas than the last meeting called by OCC on the same subject when only about 40 people turned up – HAGS want to hear how strong the voice of the Town is when it comes to the changes that OCC want to make at the hospital.


Yes it is that time of year again and as we have run out of places to store the Towns strategic salt reserves we are running on shortish supplies – if this winter is the same as the last two we will have more than enough if it is bad we should have enough providing we look after and use our reserves carefully and sensibly – the reserves are as follows:-

about 54 bins dotted around town = they take about 250 kilos each so that is roughly 13500 kilos or 13.5 tons of salt already by the side of the road in addition to that we have a strategic stockpile of 5 tons dotted around town – not enough to refill all the bins.

We still have a few hand operated salt spreaders dotted around town – in various sorts of working order but I know that some have seized up and have been dumped but we have not replaced them

I would like to remind you all that if it does snow then a very small amount of salt/grit spread around after you have cleared the roads/pavements of snow will go a long way – great shovels full of salt just chucked all over the place doesn’t really help at all – so PLEASE CLEAR THE SNOW FIRST THEN SPARINGLY USE THE GRIT – and also please clear as much off the pavements and road around you that you can – and a sprinkling of table salt is better than nothing AFTER you have cleared the snow.

We will again have two machines supplied by Guy Wall (they might be small tractors rather than quad bikes) on station and ready for action with snow ploughs and gritters and we will get around much of the town within a day once the snow has started – please be patient and
wait for us to clear if you can’t do it yourselves – in case of dire emergencies i.e. accidents on The Leys / sick people needing medication then please call me on 07774 758550 to get urgent assistance and we will do our best to get there as soon as possible. Note that the quads/tractors will refill with grit from the bins as they move around town IF the contents of the bins have been chucked all over the place then that part of town is probably not going to get any more grit – so please please look after the reserves. Do I think it is going to a cold snowy winter – the answer is YES I do – but then I might be completely wrong.

And also but not least
We are running a Town Dance on Saturday 5th December – tickets are very reasonably priced at £15.00 a ticket which includes a two course supper / music all through the evening from 1930 to 2400 hrs including two sets from The Monday Blues.
There will be a reasonably priced bar – any profits will go to the Scouts towards their urgent need of a new Scout Hut.
With best wishes
Cllr Mike Tysoe
Tuesday 10th November 2015

12 November 2015
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