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20mph Scheme for Chipping Norton – Survey Results

Chipping Norton Town Council recently launched a consultation asking residents their views on the 20mph Scheme for Towns that has been introduced by Oxfordshire County Council.

The survey was undertaken between the 22nd July 2022-14th September 2022 and received a total of 256 responses.

The majority of respondents were Chipping Norton residents (79%), with other responses collected from those who visited (10%), attended school in (5%), or worked in locally in Chipping Norton (4%). A small number of respondents were local or county Councillors (2%)

The results indicate that a majority of respondents are supportive of the 20mph scheme in Chipping Norton, with 64% fully supportive and 9% somewhat supportive of the scheme. 21% of respondents were not supportive of the scheme or had concerns about implementation (6%)

The full report below summarises the results received from the 20mph scheme community consultation undertaken by Chipping Norton Town Council:

29 September 2022
Last Updated
12 October 2023