Jo Graves

Bay Cottage, 65 New Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5LL
01608 643976
I have had the honour and privilege of serving our wonderful community of Chipping Norton as a Town Councillor since 1995. As a resident of the town for over 40 years, I was initially drawn to become a Town Councillor to make sure that our wonderful market town was made sustainable, keeping up with  an ever changing world, whilst preserving the best of what I so love about Chippy – the sense of neighbourliness and community and of course, a certain vibrancy.

I have served as both Deputy Mayor and Town Mayor during my time on CNTC and I am very pleased to have been in a position to help bring about the first Chipping Norton Town Appraisal, in 2001-2002, which enabled many stakeholders and residents within Chippy to have a say in the direction in which we wanted our town to go, as we faced prospects of large employers (Parker Knoll) leaving the town.

Having taught for over 20 years at St Mary’s CE Primary School, where I am still serving as a Governor, my interest has always been to help develop services and activities for young people. I am really pleased that we finally seem to be getting somewhere with the realisation of a Skate Park – an item on my town’s wish list for at least two decades! It is through membership of the Town Council that I learnt about Home-Start, where I serve as a Trustee for Home-Start Banbury, Bicester and Chipping Norton – a truly amazing and effective charity serving families with pre-school children in need of support.

Another dominating issue within our town is, of course, the traffic and parking issue. I have served on the Traffic Advisory Committee for the extent of my time on the Council. Alongside the late Eve Coles, I was able to help set up the A44A working group to try and sort a solution to our HGV through-traffic problem, by joining up with other Councillors at Woodstock, Enstone and Bourton on the Hill. We encouraged haulage companies to join us and District and County Councillors and a really good forum was established – some progress was made through signing diversions on to the A40 at Oxford, but there is definitely no “silver bullet” solution to this issue for our old town.

Somebody, once said to me that once you come to Chippy, it will get under your skin and you will probably never leave! I have to endorse this statement. There is so much on offer for me – I am a member of the PCC of a vibrant, caring St Mary’s Church, a Trustee of The Theatre and our sports facilities are amazing, for someone like myself who, as an ardent swimmer loves both the Lido and the Leisure Centre.

 Where else would I want to be when living in Chippy has given me so much – that’s why I am privileged give back – by serving on Chipping Norton Town Council.

27 May 2021
Last Updated
25 March 2024