Mark Walker

Mark moved to Chipping Norton almost 20 years ago and has been actively involved in local politics for much of that time, gaining a good understanding of some of the challenges we face as a town, and also appreciating the warmth of the people who live here and the wonderful countryside that surrounds us.

Mark’s been a Town Councillor since 2014. He was initially involved in the recreation and sports committee, and more recently was chair of Strategic Planning and is currently chair of the Traffic Advisory Committee. He’s also a keen cyclist and can be spotted out and about across the Cotswolds at the weekend, cycling between coffee shops.

We asked Mark about the key issues he thinks we are facing from a strategic point of view and what we as a town can do to improve things for all of us.

“Two key issues I think, one is the Tank Farm development which is next to where I live so I can see the impact it will have. We need to ensure we build the right kind of homes for the people of Chipping Norton – we’re desperately short of homes for young people starting out so that’s got to be a priority, as well as making sure the houses are built to the highest environmental standards.

 It’s also really important that it becomes an integrated part of Chipping Norton, with easy routes into town for pedestrians and cyclists, so I’d encourage people to get involved with the Build Chippy Better group who are working with the landowners and other interested parties on a masterplan which will set the tone for the whole development.”

“Secondly the issues around traffic, and not just HGVs. I’m encouraged by the new administration at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and their willingness to look at towns from a pedestrian and cyclists’ point of view and not just the driver’s. The initial 20mph zone was a stepping stone to improving things, and we have identified a number of areas where we would like to see better crossing points to make it safer to walk in and around town, encouraging people to leave cars at home. I’m delighted that we are now a 20mph town and as we have seen across the country, and around the world, by implementing 20mph we can make our towns safer, healthier, and nicer places to live. We haven’t forgotten about HGVs – we’re also working with OCC (and in turn Gloucestershire County Council) to reduce the number of HGVs that pass through Chipping Norton by implementing restrictions at Oxford and Stow on the Wold.”

“I’m always happy to talk to people about how we can make Chippy a better place – so don’t be shy and say hello”

27 May 2021
Last Updated
25 March 2024