HGV Action

The town council are aware of the issue of HGVs and heavy traffic flowing through Chipping Norton. Most recently, the town council has organised an open public meeting at the Town Hall on the 21st March 2022 and invited Cllr Duncan Enright, County Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy as well as County Cllr Geoff Saul. This meeting was well-attended with over 70 members of the public present to ask questions and raise important issues around traffic in Chipping Norton.

Following on from this meeting, town councillors are committed to pressing county and district councils for change and clarification surrounding traffic in Chipping Norton. Cllr Duncan Enright has been invited to the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Town on the Monday, 23rd May 2022 where he will provide an update since the meeting on the 21st March 2022.

20 April 2022
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20 April 2022