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Road Safety Week 18th – 24th November 2019

Road Safety Week 18th – 24th November


The overriding intent of the 20mph initiative is to make pedestrians feel they have as much right to use the use the roads as vehicles, and feel less intimidated by traffic.

In the absence of action by OCC to reduce HGVs travelling through our town, this is a practical measure which sends a message to road users that Chipping Norton respects the right of pedestrians and cyclists as much as cars and HGV users.

In line with other 20mph schemes nationally, we believe this action will make a difference as follows:

· Safety – Lowering the speed limit will help make the streets safer for all road users. Those hit by a car at 20mph are far more likely to walk away with bruises and minor injuries than those hit at 30mph.
· Community – Slower vehicle speeds and increased cycling and walking can help make our communities more pleasant places to live
· Health – lower speeds on roads will help to make walking or cycling more attractive options, in addition this should reduce noxious emissions thus helping reduce the pollution levels we have in the town.


Cllr M Walker

Deputy Town Mayor


21 November 2019
Last Updated
12 October 2023
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