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Cycling in and around Chipping Norton

This page has been created to bring together local cycling related activities, projects and useful information for residents and visitors to the town. If you are aware of anything that you feel should be on here, please do contact us to let us know by emailing Luci on townclerk@chippingnorton-tc.gov.uk.

The ‘Rusty Riders’ Clinic

Cycling enthusiasts, both new and returning, have a monthly meet up to look forward to at the Rusty Riders Clinic, held every first Saturday from 10 am to midday. This unique event, hosted in collaboration with Transition Chipping Norton, is designed to cater to individuals who are either new to cycling or considering a return to the saddle after a hiatus. The Rusty Riders Clinic offers a three-part workshop, combining essential elements to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for participants.

  1. Bike Safety Check: The Rusty Riders Clinic kicks off with a bike safety check, emphasising the importance of a well-maintained bicycle for a smooth and secure ride. Participants are guided through the essentials of inspecting their bikes, from checking tire pressure and brake functionality to ensuring proper gear mechanisms. This hands-on session equips cyclists with the knowledge needed to keep their bicycles in optimal condition, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility.
  2. Proficiency Assessment and Coaching: Following the safety check, participants engage in a proficiency assessment to gauge their current cycling skills. Experienced instructors are on hand to provide valuable coaching, offering personalised tips and techniques to enhance participants’ cycling proficiency. Whether it’s mastering the art of balance, improving handling skills, or refining gear shifting, the Rusty Riders Clinic aims to empower cyclists with the tools they need to navigate the roads confidently.
  3. Guided Road Ride: The highlight of the Rusty Riders Clinic is the guided road ride that allows participants to put their newfound skills into practice. Cyclists embark on a journey through scenic routes, exploring the local landscape while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow riders. This practical experience on the road is a crucial component of the clinic, promoting a sense of community and fostering a love for cycling that extends beyond the workshop.

The Rusty Riders Clinic takes advantage of the accessible public bike repair station conveniently located outside Chipping Norton Leisure Centre.

We hope this endeavour stands as a beacon for cyclists looking to rekindle their passion or embark on a new adventure. By offering a holistic workshop encompassing bike safety, proficiency assessment, and guided road rides, this monthly event not only equips participants with essential skills but also creates a supportive community of like-minded individuals. If you’re ready to dust off your bike and embrace the joy of cycling, mark your calendars for the first Saturday of every month and join the Rusty Riders Clinic for a revitalising cycling experience.

Anyone who feels qualified wishing to volunteer should make themselves know to volunteers running the Saturday event to discuss enrolment. More info here:

Local bike repair stations

Chippy Leisure Centre
Nash’s Bakery

Chipping Norton Town Council has made cycling more convenient and accessible by installing two Turvec Bike Repair Stands and Pumps. These additions will provide cyclists with easy access to repair tools and air pumps, making it easier to maintain their bikes. The stands are located outside Nash’s Bakery and near the entrance of Chipping Norton Leisure Centre, enhancing the cycling experience for residents and visitors.

Cycling promotes sustainability and a healthier lifestyle, making it a popular mode of transportation. Recognising this, Chipping Norton is investing in cycling infrastructure to encourage more people to choose cycling. The Turvec Bike Repair Stands and Pumps offer a comprehensive solution for quick repairs and maintenance while on the go.

Key Features:

  1. Bike Repair Stand: Sturdy and user-friendly stands for securely repairing and adjusting bikes of different types.
  2. Tools and Equipment: Each stand will be equipped with essential tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, Allen keys, and tire levers for easy repairs and adjustments.
  3. Air Pumps: Conveniently located air pumps to ensure cyclists can inflate their tires to the recommended pressure, improving safety and performance.
  4. Weather-resistant and Durable: The stands are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and resilience to various weather conditions.

Local cycle shops

Some of the local cycle equipment and repair shops and organisations are listed here:

Local cycling friendly destinations

Please note cyclists must self assess capability to reach these destinations. Coaching available via ‘Rusty Riders’

Plus all the lovely Chippy coffee shops for when you get back!

Local area events

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